Artist Statement

Tracey Paterson is a British Australian artist, based in London. She grew up in Sydney and has lived in Canada, New Zealand, and now the UK for 15 years. For Tracey, the connection and constant translation between where she is from the different cultures and countries she has lived in are a big part of her work. 

Tracey loves the small details of life and the quirky things that not everyone notices. Trying to understand and make sense of these contrasts is something that comes up in her work a lot. 

Her colourful palette is bright and vivid and expressive, and she chooses to present her art with bold colours and textures. The colours are chosen not to represent true life, but to express how Tracey feels about the energy and memories evoked by what she is painting. 

Her technique is intuitive and does not necessarily follow the conventions and rules, but this is the way she is most able to tell the stories she wants her work to tell. 


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